Holiday Light installation


Even Brighter Holiday Lights offers professional Christmas light installations in the Greater Vancouver area. We strive to provide a quick, reliable service and beautiful holiday light displays. Our crews put safety first, and are trained to work at heights in outdoor conditions. We have full WCB coverage for all of our staff to ensure their safety and protection for your property.

Our materials are commercial-grade, making them more durable and energy-efficient.

We look forward to lighting up the holidays with you!

Holiday Light installation

Our Process:

To get started, give us a call for a free estimate on your property. We will discuss lighting colours and bulb options with you, and answer any questions you might have about professional light installation.

Once you have decided to move forward, we will custom cut your lights to fit your roofline, and one of our crews will install your lights while you are cozy and warm inside. Our installers will do a walk around with you, and provide you with any necessary information regarding the maintenance of your lights.

Our service calls are free, so if you have any issues during the holidays, rest assured we will be there to help.

Starting in early January, we will give you a call to schedule a takedown for your lights, and provide a special bin for storage to keep your lights safe for next season!

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Why should I hire a professional to install my lights?

Installing lights on slippery rooftops and uneven ladders can be dangerous and time consuming. When you hire a professional, the risk is taken out of your hands! Our light installers are trained to work at heights and are certified in fall protection.

Professional installers typically use commercial-grade LED lights which are more durable, brighter, and last longer. When you choose Even Brighter Holiday Lights for your Vancouver light installation, we will provide top of the line materials that are yours to keep.

What is included in my quote?

All of our quotes include the cost of set up and takedown. If this is your first installation with us, your quote will also include the cost of your lights, cords, and other materials that will be yours to keep for next year’s installation.

What if I have a problem with my lights after installation?

We offer free service calls, and will come by to service your lights should you have any issues.

Can I keep my lights up a little longer?

We begin scheduling takedowns shortly after January 1st. However, if you would like to keep your lights up longer, just let us know!

How much does a professional Christmas light service cost?

Our all inclusive service varies from home to home. For your first installation, the cost of materials will be included in your quote, and is determined by the foot. Larger homes and longer rooflines will cost more than smaller ones.