Helpful Tools for Hanging Christmas Lights

The holiday season is just around the corner. For many, this means it is time to start thinking about hanging Christmas lights on homes, offices, and businesses. While many Vancouver homeowners are opting to have their lights professionally installed, there are ways to make hanging lights a little bit easier for the do-it-yourself crowd. Here are some of our favourite tools at Even Brighter Lights that help us to safely install beautiful Christmas light displays.

Multi-purpose Clips

Multi-purpose clips are a great way to hang lights from roofs and gutters without causing damage to your home. They also work great on eaves and flashing! While staples and staple guns are great for hanging lights on trees and pillars, many homeowners are hesitant to poke even the smallest holes in the exterior of their homes. Multipurpose clips come in a variety of colours and simply attach to the surface with ease. The best part about multipurpose clips is that they are easy to install and even easier to take down. They also help to hold the lights upright and can be used to ensure that all of your bulbs are pointed in the same direction. This makes for a clean finish.

Christmas Light Installation Rod

When it comes to installing Christmas lights on roofs, there will often be areas that are difficult to reach or dangerous to access. Using a long stick with a hook on the end can help you access hard-to-reach places safely and easily. A tool like this can be purchased on Amazon or at local hardware stores. Our professional Christmas light installers use these tools to install lights quicker and easier and to prevent the lights from tangling as they are being hung.


Even if it isn’t snowing, gloves are essential for hanging Christmas lights in colder weather. You will need to use your fingers to attach the lights to the exterior of your property, and over time they can get very cold. This can make hanging lights take much longer, and make it more difficult.

A Sturdy Ladder

Hanging Christmas lights can turn dangerous quickly if proper safety precautions are not followed. If you are planning on hanging lights along your roofline, it is important that you inspect the ladder you are planning to use to ensure it is stable and can sit evenly on the ground. Do not use a ladder on uneven surfaces where it may wobble as you install the lights. Here are some other ways to ensure you are putting safety first when hanging your Christmas lights:

  • Wear secure, closed-toe shoes or boots with adequate grip
  • Make sure you have proper rain gear for rainy Vancouver winters
  • Always have a second person to help you hang your lights
  • Don’t work at night time, and make sure you have appropriate light

Being Well Prepared is Key for Successfully Hanging Christmas Lights

Before you begin hanging your Christmas lights, make sure you have everything you need easily accessible. The last thing you want to be doing is making multiple trips to the hardware store to get more supplies. If you would like to have your lights installed professionally this year, give Even Brighter Holiday Lights a call! Our teams are well-equipped to hang your lights quickly and safely.