Holiday Lights Etiquette

Four Etiquette Tips for Outdoor Holiday Decor

Have I put my lights up too early? When should I turn them off? Is there such a thing as too many lights? These are all common questions asked by homeowners looking to get festive over the holidays. Here is a list of holiday lighting tips for you to follow in order to avoid any faux-pas.

Know When to Put Them Up and Take Them Down

Holiday lights are a great way to get into the spirit, but putting them up too early or taking them down too late could bring out the neighbourhood Grinch. Don’t be that neighbour who leaves their lights up all year round. The general consensus is that the best time to put up your lights is near the beginning of December, and they should go back into the attic shortly after New Years Day.

TIP: If you want to put your lights up earlier while still being mindful of those around you, you can put them up early and wait to turn them on!

Consider Your Neighbour’s Floorplans

While lighting the front of your house is usually a safe bet, placing lights on the side and back of your home can be disruptive to your neighbours if placed in the wrong spots. Be careful to avoid hanging bright lights near your neighbour’s bedroom window, or in places where the lights could temporarily impair vision while leaving your driveway. Newer LED lights that emit a blue-white light that can be especially blinding.

Save Energy and Keep the Peace

Turning your holiday lights off when you are heading to bed helps to save energy and keep the peace. While your lights are a cheerful sight in the evenings, it is best not to leave them on all night. A timer is a great way to regulate when your lights turn on and off, without having to think about them at all! Another great way to reduce the energy used by your lights is to choose low-energy LED lights.

Plan the Placement of Larger Decorations

Blow-up decorations, animated decorations and light-up wire decorations are fun, but they can also block views and make it difficult for your neighbours to get out of their driveway. Try to avoid placing these decorations in areas that may block vision or cause a safety hazard to your neighbours.

Call Even Brighter Lights for Your Vancouver Christmas Light Installation This Year!

Although fun and festive, lighting your home for the holidays can be a hassle. Even Brighter Lights can put your lights up and take them down so you don’t have to! Professional light installation is a great option for homeowners who are feeling the holiday spirit, but:

  • Are too busy to install their lights themselves
  • Want to avoid ladders, slippery roof tops, and potential accidents
  • Are putting up lights for the first time!

We supply the lights and install them while you stay nice and cozy inside, so give us a call for your Vancouver Christmas light installation needs.