Why You Should Hire a Professional Christmas Light Installer

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Install Your Christmas Lights This Year

Like most people, you probably love the festive look of Christmas lights that dot the neighbourhood each year. But, like most people, you may not love the process of setting up your light display and taking it down once the holiday season is over.

Forget about digging through dusty bins of holiday decorations, untangling strings of lights, and climbing slippery ladders. Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring a professional to install your Christmas lights in Vancouver this year.

Elegant Custom Displays

Whether you are installing lights at your home or business, each property is different. A professional Christmas light installation team can provide you with a design consultation to match your holiday lighting to your style and personality. A professional design team will also consider the architecture of your property, taking landscaping and electrical infrastructure into account.

Lights can be hung on windows, trim, roofs, trees, shrubs and more. A professional installation team can create a beautiful and cohesive Christmas light display and execute it to perfection.


One of the most important reasons you should consider hiring a professional to install your holiday lights is your own safety. Save yourself a trip to the ER by avoiding icey rooftops and unstable ladders. Professional Christmas light installers are experienced in navigating this terrain and can do so in a safe and timely manner. Electrical accidents are also a common issue when installing your Christmas display. Risks of electrical shocks and fires can be negated by hiring someone who knows the proper techniques and methods for light installation.

Finally, when installing Christmas lights at your business, it is especially important to consider safety. Professional light installation companies are insured and equipped to handle accidents while hiring a friend or employee to do this work can lead to hefty lawsuits in the event of an injury.

Professional Products

Christmas light designers and installers use high-quality lights. Typically these companies use LED lighting options to save you money on your energy bills during the holiday season.

Not only do you know you will be getting great products, you also don’t have to worry about burnt-out bulbs and frayed wires. A professional Christmas light installation team will ensure that your lights are in working order year after year.

Professional and Timely Takedown

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the last thing you will want to do is take down your Christmas lights. Luckily, when you hire a professional Christmas light installation company, they will come to your home and take care of your lights for you.

Another benefit to consider is that your Christmas light installation team will store your lights for you all year long until it is time for them to be put up once again. No more bins of lights collecting dust and getting tangled in your basement!

Does hiring a professional Christmas light installation company sound like a good idea for your Vancouver property? Give Even Brighter Holiday Lights a call! We offer free design consultations, timely and safe installation and takedown, and use high-quality lights for your perfect Christmas display.