Strata Holiday Lighting

Holiday Light installation

Light up your strata property with Even Brighter Holiday Lights!

Putting up Christmas lights for the strata property you manage is a great way to lift the spirits of your tenants and give the property a festive feeling for the holiday season! Unfortunately, installing lights can also be dangerous and time-consuming. This is especially true on large properties or properties with hard-to-reach areas. Avoid the slippery rooftops this year and have your lights installed professionally with Even Brighter Holiday Lights!

We offer roofline light installations for all types of strata properties, including setting up, take down, commercial-grade LED lights to use year after year, and storage solutions to ensure your lights stay in great shape.

Our team of trained technicians are experts in working at heights, and can safely install your display, making the holidays a bit more hassle-free for you!

We are pleased to offer free service calls throughout the season to keep your lights shining bright.

Holiday Light installation

Benefits of commercial-grade lights for strata properties

Commercial-grade lights offer great value for strata properties. Unlike retail lights, commercial-grade LEDs are cut to fit each specific property. This means you do not have to deal with a mess of cords or potential electrical shortages. It also means you do not need to purchase more lights than you need for your display.

Commercial-grade LED lights are also much more energy efficient which is important when dealing with larger quantities of lights. This will help to keep power bills low over the holidays.

Avoid buying new lights year after year by investing in commercial-grade LEDs for your strata property. Our lights are made with a sealed bulb design and higher quality materials, making them more resilient. They have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours, making them a great option for strata properties.

We offer our lights in one bulb size (G30), and several colour options. Give us a call to book a free consultation, including samples of our lights so you can see the difference!